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What Makes MKE Sound Different?

Picking the right wedding DJ to fit your needs and style is very important. To do so, it is crucial that you research your prospective DJ. Look at reviews, about us sections, and meet with them to get a feel of their personality and style. We want to make this process easy for you, so check out the info below to find out what makes us different.


Well first and foremost we are a local, family owned business. This means that you will have a more personalized experience, since you are working directly with us and the DJ that will be at your wedding. In fact, one of the two DJs at your wedding will be the owner of the business! This assures you that we are very serious and will do everything we can to make your night perfect. We aren’t one of the DJ companies who sends some employee they found on Craigslist alone to your wedding, with no care or commitment to the business or your special day. We have one set of equipment that travels with the owner and another DJ to every wedding or special event that we do. No if, ands, or butts about it.


If that isn’t enough to prove to you that we aren’t your everyday DJ company, we can elaborate, no problem. We definitely aren’t your typical DJs that play the same playlist at every wedding with the same cliche music. We customize your day to you and your guests. We are really good at judging the dance floor to know what will go over well, and we never use the same playlist twice. We provide you with a timeline that allows you to create a "must play" list, giving you the opportunity for direction on song choice. Whether you give us 5 must play songs, or 500, we make sure your dance floor is packed and everyone will be talking about your DJ for years to come.



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