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Get To Know Our Partners | Holen Photography

You guys have to meet Casandra Holen of Holen Photography! Casandra is amazing and has been MKE Sound's number one partner since our start in 2015. We have done countless wedding bundles together, and can't wait to celebrate your's with you too!

We sat down with Casandra to get the lowdown on her and her gorgeous wedding photography. Here's what we found!

Favorite thing to do besides photography?

"I consider myself an extroverted introvert; I'm a homebody, so hanging with my family either for a game night or popcorn and a movie is right up my alley. Or on the flip side, I like going out and trying new things. For example, we just went axe throwing and it was AWESOME. That, and travel. Never stop exploring!"

Most memorable wedding and why?

"Gaaahh, that's a tough one! They have all been so great! I love the beach, so doing a destination wedding in the Bahamas is definitely one of my favorites. They had native island dancers that came right after the beach ceremony to perform and at the end of the night, the bride and groom jumped into the pool, full bridal dress and everything! So. Much. Fun."

Favorite music to listen to when editing photos?

"This changes constantly but what's currently on my playlist is Moon Taxi and the Band Camino"

What is your favorite part of weddings?

"Sneaking away with my couples during the reception and capturing a few photos; then leaving them by themselves to talk and reflect on the day. I love walking away knowing they get some time to themselves!"

"Oh, and the toasts during dinner. I get to know my couples even more by what their Best Man and Maid of Honor have to say about them. Also, it's usually extremely entertaining!"

Next, we asked Casandra more specific questions regarding wedding photography and planning.

She offered some great advice from her years of experience:

What are the 3 most important pieces of advice from a photography perspective?

"1. If possible, do an unplugged ceremony. You want your guests to actually witness you getting married through their own eyes, not their phone! You hired a professional for a reason :)

2. This may sound weird, but brides, don't worry about the bottom of your dress touching the ground. Since I shoot mainly outdoors, this is kind of inevitable! You'll be thankful you took beautiful images in a field as opposed to a concrete sidewalk. Trust is key :)

3. As cliche as it is, the day goes by so fast! Take a moment, and soak in the day. Whether it's stepping outside alone before you get married, or sneaking off with your new spouse during the reception. You're allowed to take the time to step back and let it all hit you."

Your opinion on the "best" photos to capture during a wedding?

"The best photos to capture, in my opinion, are the in-between moments. The couple walking to the next photo location, talking about their favorite part of the wedding day; the quiet during sunset; him wrapping his arms around her and lingering just a bit longer. The emotion that comes out of those moments is absolutely beautiful."

Your favorite photos to capture during a wedding?

"I LOVE LOVE when a couple agrees to go out for photos at sunset. Not only is it beautiful but it's a nice break for the couple to get away from the hustle and bustle that is their wedding day."

What got you interested in shooting wedding photos?

"I have always loved weddings. Honestly, it was a no-brainer. Everyone is always happy, and the multitude of stunning details and moments makes it so easy to photograph. Another part of the reason was our wedding photographer. I loved his style and the ease of working with him. I knew that if I ever did weddings, I would take what I learned and apply it to my style."

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers out there?

"The photography market is extremely saturated; you can find a photographer in just about every town and in every style. So what it comes down to, for me, is personality. Meaning, I'm looking for a client whose personality closely mimics mine- laid back, maybe a little weird (ha!) and romantic. I feel like this reflects my moody style - I love the romance and emotion that comes from my images.

What sets me apart, I believe, is the experience I give my clients. I want them leaving more fulfilled than when they came to me. I love when people tell me how fun their session was or what emotion was evoked when they looked at one of their wedding photos."

Casandra really knows how to make you feel comfortable throughout one of the most important days of your life. Her easy-going personality, experience, and professionalism put your mind at ease and help capture memories that will last a lifetime.

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