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Get To Know Our Partners | Leaves Floral Design & Events

Continuing on with our preferred vendor blog series, we sat down with Jamie from Leaves Floral Design to bring you the insider scoop on all things flowers. As you may know from taking the first steps in planning your wedding, your floral arrangements will add an abundance of beauty to your special day.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming and choosing the right florist for your wedding day is very important. Each couple needs to be comfortable asking questions that they may have since most people aren't familiar with specific floral details such as seasonal availability, prices, etc. Jamie works with couples who have small and large floral budgets. Her goal as a designer is to create gorgeous designs that match your overall wedding look and feel, as well as fit everything into your budget.

What are the 3 most important pieces of advice from a floral perspective?

"My three tips would be:

1. Trust your florist and use them as a resource as you get closer to your wedding date.

2. Be open to other floral options. Pinterest can be very misleading when it comes to pricing. Be open to other options that will work with your wedding day decor.

3. Have a realistic budget. Flowers usually make up 8 to 10% of the overall wedding budget. That should help to get the floral planning process started."

What is your personal favorite piece to create for weddings?

"I love creating the bridal bouquets. It’s such an important part of the day and it really is a special piece for the couple. We often incorporate memorial keepsakes in the design and that just makes it extra special for the couple."

What got you interested in designing for weddings?

"I started my design career when I was 16. From that point, I continued to design on a seasonal level through college and while I worked full time at other companies. Now that I have been designing for a little over 20 years, I know that weddings are the best part of what I do. When I see the bride getting ready to walk down the aisle, I still get emotional about it. It’s just a raw and special moment and I’m always grateful to be part of that process."

What makes your arrangement style different?

"My style does vary as I customize my designs for each clients needs. I study the current trends and experiment with new blooms and greenery to keep my look (and brand) fresh in the eyes of my clients."

What is your favorite part of a wedding?

"My favorite part is 'the first look' with the couple. Whether it’s going down the aisle or in a private setting with the photographer before the wedding, it’s truly the best part. It’s so full of emotion, nerves, joy and love."

Most memorable wedding and why?

"My most memorable wedding was probably my cousin’s wedding in 2017. We had worked on her wedding for a little less than a year and everything was going as planned. Then three days before her big day, the wedding venue and catering kitchen flooded and we had to move the entire wedding within 48 hours. It was an 'all hands on deck' situation and it really showed me how much everyone loves them as a couple. We all worked hard to move everything around and make their day extra special."

We also asked Jamie some questions, just to get to know a little bit more about her life outside of the office.

Favorite music to listen to when you are creating arrangements?

"I usually just let Pandora make my playlist. But I’m not disappointed when it jumps from N’Sync to ACDC to Carrie Underwood. I like it all!"

Do you have a favorite activity / hobby when you aren't in the shop?

"When I’m not designing, I’m usually training for my next half marathon or playing with the pups. It’s hard to find time to relax and I don’t do well sitting still so these activities make me happy and help me unwind."

Is there a story behind the name of your business?

"Believe it or not, I named my business after my favorite seasonal candle from Bath and Body Works. LOL!"

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

"In between working for other floral shops, I also worked in radio and for a great marketing company called GMR Marketing while I was in college. I was lucky enough to travel the country for four years meeting great people and managing and organizing huge events. It was such a fun time in my life."

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