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Band Or DJ For Your Wedding?

Your wedding planning has been smooth sailing up until now, then out of nowhere, you get this wild idea that you need to up the level of entertainment for your special day. You talk to your friends who had a DJ at their wedding, and they swear it’s the only way to go. You speak with your co-worker, who responds, “Get a band, everyone had a blast at our wedding!”

Now what do you do? Get both? Is it worth it? Here are some things you should consider when making this extremely important Wedding Day decision...

The Music. A DJ has no limit to what genre of music they provide. You may find that some bands aren’t willing to play certain things, may not sound like the song you had in mind, or just flat out can’t play it. This can become a touchy subject with a band, when you have guests requesting songs that cannot be fulfilled. Make sure you know the band's set list to ensure they can cover everything you want to hear!

The Leadership. Hiring a DJ should be like contracting an Emcee to run the timeline of your reception. Most people that are in the planning stage haven’t come to this realization. This person is not only in charge of keeping the dance floor packed, but also they're keeping things moving in a timely manner as it relates to your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, first dances, the grand march, blessings / prayers, speeches, and other wedding details.

The Space. Do you have the room at your venue? If there is a large band, and you have a small venue, all of their equipment/people may not be organized in a tasteful manner. You may want to collaborate with your venue to see if a full band is something they can even accommodate.

The Cost. One thing to keep in mind is the price. On average, bands tend to run 60–80% higher in fees (rightfully so with how much more equipment, practice, band members, coordination, and time goes into running a band). You’ll have to ask yourself if this is worth the extra money for the experience you are trying to deliver to your guests.

Overall, don’t over-complicate this decision. Don't get us wrong, we love live music just as much as the next guys, but do what's going to be most enjoyable for your guests and makes the most sense for your budget. It’s really that simple.


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