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We have another addition to our preferred vendors list for 2020! Brittany Radish, a long time friend of MKE Sound's owner Justin, provides amazing wedding planning services and helps guide you through the process from start to finish. Read more about her and her business below to see if she's the right planner for you!

Let's start with your thoughts and opinions on why couples should consider fitting a planner into their budgets when planning their wedding.

"Do it. Period. I have never met someone who regretted having extra help on their wedding day (unfortunately, I have met several couples who REGRETTED not having a coordinator). When it comes to the finer details of the day - most importantly, schedule management - you do not want to worry. That being said, do not rely on your family and friends to do the management for you, let them enjoy the day as much as you! Plus, Aunt Sally really doesn't know how to handle missing place cards ;)"

What got you interested in joining the wedding industry? How did you decide to get into wedding planning as the service you would offer?

"I am a corporate event manager by trade, I simply love the process of seeing an event from start to finish. However, nothing beats a wedding. The emotion and relationships that make a couple's day special are remarkable."

What makes you and your services unique compared to other options that are out there?

"I am a very hands-on planner! B-Rad Weddings & Celebrations offers not only Full-Service Wedding Planning but Wedding Management as well. Wedding Management is similar to what many think of as 'day-of coordination', but it's more! It is important for me to be involved and overseeing (aka managing) the planning process beginning at the time I am hired. This allows me to be the best equipped the day of to execute your big day! Management clients are those who like the planning process, but would like a watchful eye. My clients also collaborate with me via Google Drive, where we can plan and review items together."

What is one of the most important parts in the planning process in your opinion?

"Having the same vision as your significant other. When the planning begins and a budget is set, you want the day to be a representation of you as a couple."

When couples ask, "I'm newly engaged and not familiar with the wedding industry. Where do I even begin", what is the best advice you can give?

"If you do not hire a wedding planner, find a wedding planning checklist online! You do not need a fancy book from Barnes and Noble. To begin, you need to set a budget that is realistic to the guest count you intend to have. If you do not have a budget set, there are no boundaries... and everyone needs boundaries."

... and remember:

"Wedding planning can be stressful for couples! Usually, due to the pressure they receive from families, friends (or even their culture!), through it all remember that a wedding is a celebration of a Marriage! Slow down and enjoy the process."


We also asked Brittany to answer some more questions that weren't work related!

Favorite go-to music to listen to?

"Classic country's! 90's to be specific. I am biased and think that genre is the best wedding music to dance to as well."

What is your favorite hobby / pastime?

"Volunteering with the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Wisconsin and cocktail hour with friends!"

What are your favorite parts of a wedding when attending?

"Mother + Son Dance! I tear up for both Mother/ Son and Father/Daughter, but there is something about a son being with his mama!"

What was the Hardest thing to plan when planning your own wedding?

"I am currently planning my wedding alongside my couples! Narrowing down and choosing from a pool of vendors I really enjoy/respect was challenging."

What is the most memorable concert that you've attended?

"Zac Brown Band at Summerfest blew me away when I saw them a few summers ago!"

Brittany's love for people, passion to help others, and attention to detail make her the perfect addition to your list of wedding vendors. Below are links to her social media. Contact her today to learn more and start your planning process!

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