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Get To Know Our Partners | Caynay Photo

​It's time to talk more about the top of the line people in our industry. Caynay Photo, our newest preferred photographer, gave us some insight on her advice, style, and a little bit more about herself that you may not already know! Read below to see what Caitlin has to say about photographing weddings.

What advice would you give to couples planning a wedding from a photography perspective?

"Work with someone who you genuinely love (beyond just their work). You will be spending a good amount of time with your photographer so having someone that makes you feel your best will only help you love your photos more. If you feel confident around your photographer, you'll be confident in your posing, which will translate to your actual photos. That's so important and something I wish more people put focus on."

What got you interested in the wedding industry?

"Initially I wanted to be a children/portrait photographer! I have an early education degree so I figured working with kids would be something I was fabulous at. While growing my family/portrait work, I had a couple come to me that was fine with having a newbie shoot their wedding. They just wanted their love documented. I'll NEVER forget that March day. It was from that moment that I knew that I forever wanted to celebrate love. The energy, joy, elation. It's all completely contagious and I was hooked."

What makes your style different in a sea of other photographers?

"I feel what makes my style different stems from more then just how the image looks. I specialize in natural light imagery that's full of vibrancy and light but I also want my couples to feel supported and loved throughout the whole process. I have a hands on approach with my couples so that when I show up on their wedding day it's like celebrating friends verses just clients. I feel like my style is forever evolving but I definitely adore the way I shoot and edit. My images are full of color and that vibrancy is what I love most."

What are some of your favorite photos to capture during a wedding?

"Oh man. This is challenging because there is truly so much that I love about weddings. I think my absolute favorite thing to capture is bride and groom portraits during sunset. Is that a cop out? It definitely is a cop out but it's totally true. In all honesty though, it's my favorite because couples have likely had a few cocktails and dinner hasn't quite hit the blood stream yet. Getting to photograph a couple that's totally relaxed, elated, and add in a sun soaked sky? It's seriously THE BEST."


We also asked Caitlin some questions about her personality and what she's up to behind the scenes when she isn't shooting weddings!

What is your favorite part of weddings?

"Outside of the normal, I'd have to say first dances! I am a huge music junky so I always love seeing what song couples pick to represent their first dance together. The joyful emotions are almost palpable as well! I think it's a really special moment."

Favorite Music?

"This one bounces between my mood, the weather, and the season! I'm kind of all over the genre board. I'm a big 90s and early 00s alternative fan but I also love artists like

Chance the Rapper or Gregory Alan Isakov. I really will listen to everything. My absolute FAVORITE song though is "I'd Do Anything" by John Butler Trio."

Favorite thing to do outside of photography?

"I LOVE to hike, exercise, ski, read, and eat! During the warmer months I try to get out hiking at least once a week and in the afternoons you'll find me at CycleBar!"

Something that most people might not know about you?

"I'm actually an introvert but the second you put a camera in my hand I can talk to anyone. In my personal life I'm a back-to-the-wall observer and I have a hard time getting out of my shell. I love that photography allows me have an alter ego of sorts. It's definitely how I wish I was all the time so getting to be that person every Saturday is VERY fun for me."

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