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Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips | Our Expert DJ Advice

Planning your wedding day is most likely an entirely new process for you so we want to share our top 10 planning tips from a DJ's perspective, that ensure a successful wedding day for both you and your guests. Of course, these tips are nothing without your final approval in the planning process, but feel free to ask us for more information if you are wondering why we make these suggestions for your perfect day.

1) Properly Plan Amount Of Dance Time

2) Be Prepared For Things To Be A Little Behind Schedule

3) If It Is In Your Budget, Consider Feeding Your Vendors

We've highlighted tips 1-3 in another blog post.


4) Put some thought into creating a "Must Play" List

As DJs, it's our responsibility to judge the dance floor and make sure guests are boogying all night long! We give each of our couples a place in their timeline to rate genres which help us gauge what you and your guests will want to hear! But we also give you a section for your must-play songs! This is a perfect spot to put in all of those nostalgic & sentimental songs that we may not know are important to you, so you and your fiancé, best friend, or family member can reminisce on some cherished memories.


5) Make sure you are conscious of your seating chart

Photo by Holen Photography

Okay, this is a BIG ONE! When planning where your guests will be sitting, we ALWAYS recommend putting your tables of young friends / family near the DJ area. This is for a few reasons.

1 - While we do play dinner music at a level in which conversation can easily take place, we also want to make sure the furthest tables away can still hear some music. Therefore, it will naturally be louder closer to the DJ booth, so you should keep older generations further away so they can still talk easily.

2 - In a lot of venues, the tables nearest the DJ booth will get taken down at the end of dinner in order to make room for a dance floor. The last thing we want is Grandma being forced to stand up and move to another section of the room.


6) Get to know your vendors ahead of time

As you may already know from working with us, we always strive to meet our couples face to face amidst the initial planning process. Meeting your vendors before moving forward with them, will allow you to get an idea of their personality, style, and whether or not they will be the perfect fit for your wedding day. At the very least, make sure you chat on the phone or do a simple FaceTime call!


7) Consider giving a thank-you speech

Your night is going to fly by in the blink of an eye. You're probably going to have 100+ guests at your wedding, and there may be a chance that you won't get to say "Hello" or "Thank You" to them all. The best way to ensure you get to reach all of your guests is by doing a short and sweet thank-you speech as newlyweds after your maid of honor and best man have warmed up the guests for you!


8) Don't forget to dance!

Photo by Robert Colletta Photography

This one is simple. Don't forget to dance! If you and your spouse are the dancing type, make sure you spend some time out on the dance floor with your guests to celebrate your marriage.


9) Your wedding is exactly that: your wedding

While it is important to keep guests in mind for many aspects of planning, make sure you always keep in mind that this is your wedding. You and your spouse are hosting this event in celebration of your love. Make choices that reflect you, and that you will enjoy on your special day.


10) Spend time with your spouse

Photo by Holen Photography

As we mentioned in tip 7, your night is going to be over before you know it. One thing we always hear couples say, is that they loved taking a few minutes to themselves on their wedding day. Your photographer may pull you aside for some sunset or string light photos which may be the perfect time to check in with one another and soak it all in. This night is about you after all, so make sure you enjoy each other's company.


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