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How To Achieve Optimal Dance Time | Our 3 Hour Recommendation

Don’t have a dancing group among your friends and family? There’s an easy fix and we are here to help you. As you may have read in our "tips" post, from our experience, 3 hours is the perfect sweet spot for a full dance floor without losing people. When we explain this to our couples, we often get the question "How do we achieve this in our timeline?" We recommend a few different techniques to achieving 3-4 hours of dance music.


1) Start things a little later than you might have originally thought when planning.

Push everything back an hour or two. This is going to be a long day for you, so a little extra time waking up and getting ready on your wedding day will really help make things less stressful. This is also very helpful when you have a barn wedding, or another outdoor venue because in the middle of summer, it usually doesn't get dark until 8:30 - 9pm which is helpful for the dance floor because it is always a little harder to let loose in the light of day.


2) If everything preceding the dancing portion of the evening is at a desired time already, consider ending things a little earlier than you might have originally planned.

If the rental of your venue space includes time until midnight, it is almost never mandatory. Maybe plan to end things at 11pm instead. This allows you to extend things a little later if everyone is having a good time and isn't ready to leave. "One last song" can safely turn into 3 if it turns out everyone isn't ready to go home.

We simply recommend this because we often see a lot of people getting tired, needing to go home, or being a little under the weather after 11pm. Plus, this gives you more time to spend with your new spouse when you get home or to your hotel. You're going to want to check in and spend time with one another as this day is going to go by so fast and you will likely be pulled in opposite directions many times throughout the evening.


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