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Alright let's get serious. What's one of the best things you can do for your wedding? We'll tell you. Have some AMAZING cuisine for you and your guests to share on your special day. There's no better way to do that than by choosing From Scratch Catering as your catering vendor.

This family-run business sure knows how to make unbelievably delicious meals, and you can tell they put their heart and soul into anything they cook. Not to mention they are the sweetest people you'll ever meet. We sat down with owner Donna and her team to learn more about them and get the scoop on their delectable dishes. Here's what we found!

What interested you to get involved in the wedding industry?

"Cooking has always been my passion – I have served homemade meals for my family of nine and taught all six of my daughters the importance of a home-cooked meal for their own families. Cooking lead me into the catering world and the catering world lead me into weddings."

What is your personal favorite thing to create for weddings?

"Anything that we can create for our clientele with homegrown herbs from our garden – I grow 100% of my own herbs and 50% of my own vegetables that we utilized in our recipes. Our ‘Fresh Tomato Tart’ is a prime example of this with Beef Steak Tomatoes and fresh Basil straight from our garden."

What makes your food different from the competition, and how did you develop your own recipes?

"Everything is homemade and we grow our own produce and herbs. We do not purchase from any distributors. We only shop local, always."

What are the 3 most important pieces of advice from a catering perspective?

"1. Customer service is a fundamental piece when choosing a catering company or any vendor for that matter. You spend a lot of time communicating with your vendors and it is important to choose vendors you are most compatible with.

2. Try as many companies as possible before you finalize your decision.

3.You get what you pay for, always."

Your advice to couples when planning catering for their wedding?

"When wedding planning, the venue and catering companies book very quickly. So, it is important to always secure both of these crucial vendors before proceeding forward with others – once the date and venue are selected, everything else falls right into place.

Choose vendors that you feel comfortable with – if your vendor doesn’t make you feel like family, keep shopping. If your vendor does make you feel like family, take their advice on other vendor referrals. The key to a smooth wedding date is knowing your vendors are quality, trustworthy, reliable, and will ‘lighten the load’ in any way they possibly can for you."

Most memorable wedding and why?

"We have worked with so many amazing couples throughout the years and it would be hard to choose one. Three of my children got married in a nine month period – 2017 was our most memorable year by far. Family weddings are very exciting around here!"

What inspires you?

"Our faith, our family, and building relationships"

Well there you have it folks. The Ericksons really knows how to make you feel like part of their family. Their friendly personalities, professionalism, and literal from-scratch recipes put your mind at ease knowing your guests will be raving about their meals for years to come.

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