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Get To Know Our Partners | YellowBus PhotoBooth

We have some exciting news for 2020! We've been working with some of the best wedding vendors for years, and it's time we share some more amazing people with you! To kick things off for 2020, we are bringing YellowBus PhotoBooth to our preferred vendors list.

These two and their VW bus photo booth that they created are pretty amazing! We had a chance to grab coffee and learn a little bit more about their services. Read below to see what makes Stephanie and Ky a great addition to your wedding vendors.

What are your thoughts on why couples should consider fitting a photo booth into their budgets when planning their big day?

"We could go on about this one forever since we’re pretty big fans but it boils down to a few main points. First and foremost, it keeps guests entertained and it gives them something to remember the day by (we also save a copy of each photo strip for the couple in a guest book). People always flock to the booth and it’s nothing but smiles and laughter once they’re decked out in props."

"When it comes to budgeting, we think it’s important to look at the big picture. It’s really easy to get caught up in all of the tiny add-ons like monogrammed napkins, favors, menu cards, etc. By eliminating some of the extras that often go unnoticed, you allow yourself more of a budget for your higher priorities."

"Your wedding day can be such a blur when you’re the one getting married so it’s really nice to have a book from the booth to look back on and see who was all there and how much fun they were having (especially since you likely won’t have a chance to talk with every single guest)."

What got you interested in the wedding industry?

"Honestly, part of the reason we got into the industry is that we both genuinely love weddings! It’s one day where everyone clears their schedules, lets loose and just has fun with all of the people they care about most. Whether attending as a guest or working a wedding with the booth, the mood is always light and fun. A photo booth just felt really fitting with our own interests and personalities."

What makes YellowBus a better option than other photo booths out there?

"Well, there’s the obvious fact that it’s inside of a VW Bus but we also include unlimited prints, no set-up fees, and share all of the hi-res images taken in the booth with the couple so that they can print them, share via social media, etc. We also take our prop collection pretty seriously. We wanted to go beyond your typical paper props and currently have quite the collection of vintage hats, glasses, custom pennants, and have even started 3D printing some original pieces."

Can you give us a quick history on finding, purchasing, and renovating the bus?

"In early 2019, we had the idea of starting our own mobile photo booth. We saw some similar concepts in larger markets on the west coast and decided it would be cool to bring one to our area. We found a 1977 VW Bus (that happened to be yellow) for sale at a gallery in Michigan and as soon as we saw it, we were sold. From the outside, she was in pretty great shape but the inside needed a bit of a face lift. We decided to strip the inside down and start from scratch to design the photo booth we’d been envisioning."


We also asked Stephanie and Ky some questions to get to know them outside of the wedding industry!

What is your favorite part of weddings?

"There's so much to love but seeing everyone all dressed up and dancing the night away tops the list. Another personal favorite is hearing unique vows from the couple. It might sound corny but it's beautiful seeing two people really speak from the heart in front of everyone."

Favorite Music?

"We’re kind of all over the board with our musical tastes. Some favorite artists include: Tom Petty, Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Church, Ron Pope, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeran, Old Dominion, LANCO, and John Mellencamp."

Being a married couple - what are a few pieces of marriage advice you would pass along to engaged couples?

"1-Find more reasons to celebrate together outside of just the typical birthdays, anniversaries,etc. Be spontaneous. Cake and champagne shouldn’t be reserved for so few occasions."

"2-Don’t stop dressing up for each other and putting in the effort. Even if you’ve been together for years, it’s fun to dress up and go out together every once in awhile."

"3-Find things you like doing together as a couple but also make sure to set aside some time for your individual interests too. It’s easy to feel like you’re a packaged deal but spending time a part only improves your relationship (in our opinion)."

What's a fun fact that most people don't know about you at first?

"We’ve made it our goal to see all 30 of the MLB stadiums. So far we’ve been to 12 of them and are planning to cross off #13 at Fenway Park in Boston this spring."

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