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Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips | Our Expert DJ Advice

Planning your wedding day is most likely an entirely new process for you. It will not only be exciting, but it could also be hectic, challenging, and stressful if you do not have the help and guidance from those who have some experience.

That's where we come in.

We want to share the top 3 planning tips that we have seen at various weddings, that ensure a successful wedding day for both you and your guests. Of course, these tips are nothing without your final approval in the planning process, but feel free to ask us for more information if you are wondering why we make these suggestions for your perfect day.

1) Properly Plan Amount Of Dance Time

2) Be Prepared For Things To Be A Little Behind Schedule

3) If It Is In Your Budget, Consider Feeding Your Vendors

We know you may have questions on these tips, so below is a little more information on each point that we've decided to highlight. Make sure you reach out to us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have on these topics!


1) Properly Plan Amount Of Dance Time

Wedding Dance Floor

The dance floor is our biggest responsibility during the reception portion of your evening and trust me, we know how to keep it packed! Reading the dance floor and your guests comes naturally to us, so dancing can be as long as you prefer. From our experience, 3 hours is the perfect sweet spot for dancing and here's why:

Often after the third hour, guests get too hot, tired, social, or they maybe even had a little too much to drink. No matter how much of a dancer you are, these things are likely to happen on the dance floor at some point in the evening. You know your guests better than we do, and if you have a feeling they may not be a party bunch, plan on keeping dancing around 3 hours. If you think your guests can handle a little more partying, let's do it! Just don't be worried if after some time, people need a little break. It's totally natural, and we'll get them back out there again.

How do you achieve this in your timeline? Click here to see what we recommend!


2) Be Prepared For Things To Be A Little Behind Schedule

No matter how many timelines you fill out, 90% or more of weddings are behind schedule from anywhere between 15-30 min. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Relax, this is completely normal and your day isn't going to fall to pieces. There are so many moving parts and factors that go into your timeline, which means things may take a different amount of time than you originally allotted.

Things are naturally going to fall a bit behind schedule, but all of your vendors will be working together to do their best to keep things to the timeline. Just remember, only you know your timeline. Guests aren't going to know if things are 15 min behind schedule. If you can go into your day knowing this, it will make things much easier for you on the day of your wedding.


3) If It Is In Your Budget, Consider Feeding Your Vendors

From Scratch Catering

Alright, we’ll be honest with you. We LOVE when couples think of us and include us in their dinner plans. We are at the venue just as long as you and your guests are, and sometimes even longer. We are going to get hungry too.

Your other vendors (especially photographers & videographers) have probably been with you all day and don’t have time to get / bring or eat a lunch. In the end, we all hate asking for you to feed us, and probably won't. But when you choose to, we couldn’t be happier and thank you enough!


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